Artemperature is seduced by brilliant ideas, so this first post is dedicated to simple, minimalist, clever ideas. Quite often we think that "simple" means "easy", but sometimes is difficult to avoid the complexity and in order to be simple we have to think more and to remove something. Here five inspiring artworks from different  kind of art.
  1. The sculpture "Travelers"  at the waterfront in Marseille by French artist Bruno Catalano. The empty space is eloquent.


2.  Who don't remember the haircut of Mc Giver? One detail could make you unique. This is a funny artwork of the Portuguese Designer Patricia Pavoa.


3.  The elegance has no age. This is the legendary Movado museum dial created by Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. Inspired by Bauhaus design. 9bbfd724b40028a58208e5ed3ed6baff-2  

4. Also the street art can be conceptual.


5. A brilliant ADV for Hut Weber.  “It’s the hat “ (Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Hamburg / München, Germany)