Artemperature at 360°


Artemperature was created to appreciate contemporary art, and to give a clearer view on it. Whilst Artemperature is perhaps only touching the surface, the research of the artists is made by surfing the web. It gives the artists an opportunity to become more visible as they are currently not famous or supported by galleries.

This is the big difference from how it was in the past: Today, thanks to ‘You Tube’ videos, or pictures on ‘Pinterest’, an artist can reach millions of people, collect ‘Likes’ and sell their own art.

The paradox of this age is seeing a ‘Van Gogh’ painting with less ‘Likes’ on ‘Pinterest’ than an unknown artist’s pencil drawing. Is this right? Why is the value of Van Gogh’s art not in as much discussion as the unknown artist’s work which has growing popularity on the web? Everyone deserves a chance, but those that don’t understand this available opportunity are losing valuable time to expand their network.


Artemperature is a digital art curator with personal taste. She observes and choses what is currently hot on the web. It is clear that we are living in a new era of art, where the ART is a mix between a new idea and an extraordinary ability to make this a reality.  Everyone on the internet can ‘Like’ and make this form of artwork famous – the new ‘LIKE ART ERA’.

Who I am 

My name is Sarah Spagnuolo. My background is in Human Studies, having attended High School of Arts and completing a Degree in Contemporary History. In 2011 I’ve attended an Executive Master in Social Media Marketing. I have worked for many years with an International Company as a Digital Specialist. Today, I have decided to merge all my experience and passion into a project dedicated to something I really love: ART.