With Philippe Echaroux the Street Art becomes magic light to paint the world

Philippe Echaroux is a French street artist famous for his celebrities photo portraits and because he invented the Street Art 2.0.

The Street Art 2.0 is a mix between street art, land art and light art making possible to paint the world by the light. Here some of his most interesting projects.


Project is designed to highlight the plight of the Surui tribe hit by deforestation.
The light projections show the faces of the tribe as an international call to action.

Echaroux’s idea was to describe the concept:”When you cut a tree, it’s like putting down a man”.





This project is part of ‘Painting With Lights’ project started in France and then he decided to paint with lights other city like Barcelona. The aim is to make street art that would only last for a moment and therefore not deface or destroy any property.