Satire: when a picture says more than many words

After the last American election, everybody knows how powerful social media was for the politicians in spreading their ideas. Today we are getting used to reading the news by social media channels, which help us create a personal opinion from the information collected.

Due to the influence of social media, it is time for the concept of Satire to be stepped up. This could be the difference between just the shaking up our opinions and pushing us to think outside the box.

Here a selection of interesting Satire Artists

  1. Pawel Kuczynski

He’s a Polish illustrator who specialised in old fashioned drawings about social and political issued of our time.
His illustrations are clever and conceptual; at first they seem funny, but when looked at more closely, you can feel the sad world we live in.



2. Daniel Garcia

There is not a lot of information about him, but I really like his work, and therefore feel he deserves our attention.
He is an inspired Portuguese illustrator who is able to translate how we live in Europe today through his clever pictures.

Ignorance & Fear. Illustration done after Paris bombings, November 2015.

3. Bansky

He’s a British street artist, made famous for his subversive epigrams, which combine dark humour with graffiti, using a distinctive stencilling technique.
In 2010, ‘Time Magazine’ selected this artist as one of the world’s 100 most influential people of the year. Despite not knowing his real name, he found himself in the company of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga!

Street Maid, you can find it on a wall in Chalk Farm, North London

If you would like to discover other graffiti artworks around London, check out this interesting link:Infographic with many others graffiti’s locations.

4. Steve Cutts

He’s London based too, and I love his humor! Look this illustration, it is too funny!

Future Predictions