Enter into the delicate and colorful world of Paper Art

Welcome in the magical world of paper!

After the traditional Origami and the art of folding paper, which is often associated with Japanese culture, we are currently living in a new era of paper art.

Sculptures, books, illustrations and textures are some of the objects of this paper revolution.

Here some of the most famous and curious  Paper Artists.

  1. Jen Stark

Jen Stark – She’s a 33 year old American and is regarded as the Queen for making the most colourfully kaleidoscopic artworks.

Zigzag, 2011, archival paper on wood, 12x12x4in


Cosmic Shift, 2015, hand-cut acid-free colored paper, foam board, glue, acrylic paint, wood, varnish, 37x24x25

2. Bozka

The Polish Bjork of pop-up! Her books are sophisticated tales for adults dedicated to botanical subjects.

The garden, pop-up for the book New Botany, 2013, 26x43x30 cm

3.Yulia Brodskaya

She is a Russian living in the UK, and has already done many collaborations with big name brands like ‘Hermes, Ford, Issey Miyake and Paramount Pictures’.
Her illustrations and fine arts are made by using only paper and glue – Enjoy!



4. Brian Dettmer, aka the Book Surgeon.

Another American recognised internationally as one of the leading artists working with the book today. His job stems from the idea of giving new life to old books, which were once considered the memory of human knowledge, but now they have lost their previous importance with the creation of  internet.



5. Li Hongbo

He is of Chinese origin and is famous for his paper sculptures. He turns classic sculptures into kinetic paper works.

Bust of David, 2015 Paper (118x70x60 cm)